Chatting with concert photographer and author Matthias Hombauer

Chatting with professional concert photographer Matthias Hombauer about his experience touring with rock bands.

By Chyrisse Tabone,  Tampa Correspondent

Rock At Night recently interviewed professional photographer Matthias Hombauer about his experience touring with rock bands and working as a concert photographer.  The interesting fact about Matthias is he acquired a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology but decided to pursue his dream job. He has shot photos of bands like the Rolling Stones and has toured with Shantal, Elvis Costello, Fink, and Peter Gabriel.  Additionally, he is the author of the book “How To Become a Concert Photographer” and has contributed to numerous articles on photography.  You can listen to the interview above.


Matthias Hombauer






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I grew up in a household full of rock music, studied journalism in college, and then became a scientist.Although my science career has served me well, music has always played a major role in my life. I grew up reading "Creem" magazine; I play several musical instruments as a "hobby";and it seems a camera has always been in my hand. Now, I am combining what I love the most--music and photography--serving as editor of Rock At Night. My motto: life is regrets. Chyrisse
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