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Chatting with Nashville rock band The Hollywood Kills

Nashville rock band The Hollywood Kills discusses being a musician in Nashville, a “blue-collar band”, a musician in the Millennium, their experience during touring, and the band’s camaraderie.

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By Chyrisse Tabone, Tampa Correspondent

Members: Brent Powelson, Preston Jackson, Johnny Angel, and Cody Wilson; Genre: Rock; Home Town: Nashville, Tennessee

Rock At Night receives solicitations from bands and publicists everyday saying “Please listen to us! Check this out!” It takes a special band to grab my attention and The Hollywood Kills is one of those bands that stopped me in my tracks when I started to listen to their new five-song EP Episode IV (released on September 25th). The song “Señorita” which has a very humorous video in the vein of a silent film has a rocking indie-alt, Tex-Mex feel (think “The Toadies”) with kicking melodic harmonies. I knew I had to listen to the rest of the EP which really was eclectic with blues, 80s rock licks, memorable bass lines, and a classic rock feel. Other songs sound like Maroon 5 or even have flecks of Brit Rock harmonies. I started to peruse some of their older music and videos on YouTube, which solidified my opinion, “I’ve got to interview these guys.”

It appears The Hollywood Kills hails from Nashville, which could be deemed as Ground Zero for country music and the new hipster place for rock and indie recording. The band was formed about a decade ago and has shared line-up changes through the years but the heart has remained in its roots as a self-described “blue-collar rock”. These are working chaps that bust their ass during the day and rock hard at night. They are dedicated and determined to make the sacrifice to do what they love—playing good music and “live the dream”. The Hollywood Kills had the opportunity to tour during Vans Warped 2013 and appears on the brink of making it big time–which I hope they do!

Rock At Night spoke with Johnny Angel (drums) and Cody Wilson (guitar) about a vast number of topics, including being a musician in Nashville (e.g., competition, being in the country capital), their new EP Episode IV, being a “blue-collar band”, being a musician in the Millennium (e.g., the audience controls the reaction and popularity of the band), their experience during touring (“they are rascals”), being in the band (“getting along outside the band is important” and “it’s not playing perfect but playing with the people perfectly”) and the writing process.

You can listen to the interview above (hit arrow) or on iTunes. It was probably the easiest and most informative chat I have had in awhile! The topics we spoke about were interesting and eye-opening as we discussed society. I strongly suggest checking out The Hollywood Kills and watch for upcoming tours. I am crossing my fingers they will play in Florida so I can have the opportunity to see their live show. I am sure it is killer!

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Hollywood Kills 2


“Tornado” – an acoustic version


“I Don’t Walk Straight”



Don’t Panic (2011)

An Idiot’s Guide to Desertion (2012)

Coming of Age (2014)

Episode IV (2015)


Songs on Episode IV



Who’s Your Daddy




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