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Chatting with Angela McCluskey, the voice that is heard everywhere!

September 2, 2016

Rock at Night spoke with Angela McCluskey, songwriter extraordinaire with an unmistakable voice that one hears everywhere. With a background in other creative arts, she fell into music and songwriting quite naturally. We spoke about her creative process, travel, drama, art, her music, her work with other bands such as Telepopmusik, the Wild Colonials and so much more. [Continued]

Chatting with alt-metal band The Maension

August 23, 2016

The Maension band discuss the RÆVOLUTIONworldTOUR‬, the band's Second World Tour, which will encompass 15 countries and four continents; their musical influences; how the band originated, life on the road, and more! [Continued]

Chatting with John Corabi of The Dead Daisies

July 27, 2016

John Corabi of The Dead Daisies discusses the Cuban trip which inspired the title Revolucion, the new album and how they actually recorded between January and February of this year while in Nashville; the meaning behind the song “Long Way to Go”; how I really loved the ballad “Sleep” from Revolucion; the classic rock sound of the band and how they achieve it; his health routine for maintaining stamina and his voice; and the emotional concert in Paris, barely two weeks after the massacre at the Bataclan. [Continued]

Chatting with Joey Vera, bassist and integral member of Fates Warning

July 23, 2016

Joey Vera of Fates Warning discusses the bi-coastal recording process of the band; analysis of the music in the recent album "Theories of Flight"; changes in the industry through the years; the challenges as a musician to play complex music like the progressive metal of Fates Warning; and some of his "bucket list" items or goals he would still like to do with the band. [Continued]

Chatting with Bad Seed Rising at Warped Tour 2016

July 11, 2016

Bad Seed Rising discuss the band's origin and genre; their Warped Experience thus far; their favorite charities and/or non-profits; their new full-length album coming out at the end of the summer; and advice for young musicians starting out. [Continued]

Chatting with Reel Big Fish at Warped Tour 2016

July 8, 2016

Aaron Barrett and Matt Appleton of REEL BIG FISH discuss the band's evolution, the Warped Tour, their upcoming holiday ska vinyl album "Happy Skalidays", charities they favor, and advice for bands starting out in music business. [Continued]

Chatting with Taylor Perkins of BLEEKER

July 7, 2016

Taylor Perkins of BLEEKER discusses the origin of the band and its name; the band’s experience during the current tour, including the difference between Canada and America; the unbearable sun and heat in Florida; the band’s songwriting process and classic rock influences; analysis of certain songs from the new EP; and the story behind the ballad “I’m Not Laughing Now” (hint** it involves a bathtub and a cereal box). Very funny and interesting stuff! [Continued]
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