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Chatting with Derek Sharp of The Guess Who

February 16, 2020

Derek Sharp of The Guess Who discusses the last 12 years as the lead singer of The Guess Who; life on the road; how he got into the band; Tommy Shaw of Styx; and his hobbies outside of the band. And click on the play button above to listen to some lively and engaging conversation. [Continued]

Chatting with Glenn Stewart and Lindsey Pittard of Victims of Circumstance

November 26, 2019

Glenn and Lindsey gave a brief history of the band, how they formed (very few band changes to the lineup over the years), how the band uses a collaborative process to write their songs, venues they like to play, artists that inspire them and more about the ska/punk genre. We also spoke about beer and breweries as these are the most popular venues happening right now. [Continued]

Chatting with Elvana

October 29, 2019

By Tom Finch, Rock At Night Manchester  Elvana is the embodiment of a ‘joke that got out of hand’. What started as a bunch of friends from the North East of England [Continued]
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