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“Yes She Rocks”

Chatting with Berlin-based singer/songwriter Sara Hartman

May 10, 2016

Sara Hartman discusses other artists that inspire her, why she chose Berlin as her home base, her Swedish Fish addiction, and much more! Her songs are superbly crafted and even though she is young, her lyrics reveal an “old soul” deep within. Her rich alto singing voice and her music evoke a rich, multi-layered, “unplugged” feel. [Continued]

Chatting with Nashville songwriter/musician Janey Street

March 27, 2016

Janey Street discusses the music scene in Nashville, how ageism plays a huge part in careers for women including within the music industry, mentoring young artists, how she met the famous rock and roll talent tycoon, Clive Davis of Arista and Columbia Records, musician Janis Ian who is her childhood friend and her vision of the future along with so much more! [Continued]

Chatting with Mama Gina-bard, folk artist and songwriter

January 2, 2016

Mama Gina spoke about the music industry, the creative process, what and who inspires her, spirituality & music as expressions of both and so much more! A female bard that travels from place to place to bring music to the people! Her favorite venues are living rooms everywhere. [Continued]