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Chyrisse (Tampa)

Chyrisse P. Tabone, Ph.D. (US)

Managing Editor

Andrea (Philadelphia)

Andrea Ramirez-Maciolek (US)

Creative Director

Anita (Pittsburgh)

Anita Stewart (US)





 Roy X (UK)


José (Colmar)

José Oliveira (FR)

Rosine (Colmar)

Rosine Alleva (FR)


Deb (Adelaide)

Deb Kloeden (AU)



Rick (Groningen)

Rick Slagter (NL)

Mike (New England)

Mike McKenney (US)

Brent (Tampa)

Brent Michael (US)



Amanda Cunningham (London, UK), Andras Paul (London, UK), Carey Langsner (Ontario, Canada), John Armstrong (Manchester, UK), Gail Reynolds (US), Chris Patmore (London, UK), Courtney Dabb (Sydney, AU), John Clay (London, UK), Gus Samarco (Raleigh, NC, USA), Lloyd Wakeling (Manchester, UK), Melanie Scrafton (Perth, AU), Raven (USA), Petra Leusmann (Germany), Simon Shoulders (London, UK), Mafia McCool (Perth, AU), Per Hagen (Oslo, Norway), Haintso Rakouth (Detroit, MI, US), Jake Rage (Orlando, FL, US), Jason Michaelsen (Tampa, FL, US), Jeff Madore (Orlando, FL, US), Lisa Bower (Orlando, FL, US), Vicki DiAddezio (Orlando, FL, US), Juan Jusino (Tampa, FL, US), Geoff Bailie (Belfast, Northern Ireland), Vlad (Detroit, MI, US), Stephen Trutwin (Adelaide, AU), Danielle Cauley (Detroit, MI, US), Christi Lain Vest (Houston, TX, USA), Dio Dawes (Brazil), James Ferency (Detroit, MI, US), Nathan Lucking (London, UK), Nici Eberl (London, UK), Jim Templeton-Cross (London, UK), Daniel Pagan (New York City), Kris McCoy (Dallas, TX, US), Michael Dinger (NYC), Erik De’Viking (London), and Aaron Bellamy (Tampa, FL, US).

In Memoriam

Steve Neff, Rock At Night Journalist/Photographer–Melbourne, FL, USA

….You left this Earth too soon, my friend… See you on the other side!  (November 15, 1964-January 3, 2018)


Rock At Night’s theme song in our podcast intro is “Get On Down If You Feel Up To It” by Billy “Bass” Alford

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Chyrisse Tabone, Ph.D.


I grew up in a household full of rock music, studied journalism in college, and then became a scientist.Although my science career has served me well, music has always played a major role in my life. I grew up reading "Creem" magazine; I play several musical instruments as a "hobby";and it seems a camera has always been in my hand. Now, I am combining what I love the most--music and photography--serving as editor of Rock At Night. I travel between the US and UK seeking my dream! My motto: life is regrets. Chyrisse
Chyrisse Tabone, Ph.D.
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