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CHYRISSE TABONE, PhD – Editor of Rock At Night

I grew up in a household full of rock music, studied journalism in college, and then became a scientist.  Although my science career has served me well, music has always played a major role in my life. I grew up reading “Creem” magazine; I play several musical instruments as a “hobby”;  and it seems a camera has always been in my hand. Now, I am combining what I love the most–music and photography–serving as editor of Rock At Night. My motto: life is short…no regrets.




I’m a photojournalist who is passionate about music. I love the adrenaline of shooting live concerts.Photography has giving me the opportunity to photograph some of today’s most legendary bands, and entertainers. When I’m not photographing music you can find me on the runway shooting New York and Philadelphia Fashion Week.

Favorite quote: “Photography is a love affair with life.” — Burk Uzzle



ROSINE ALLEVA – Rock At Night France


From Belgian and Italian parents, I grew up with music, dance and big fun! I love singing since I’m a little girl, I still am, haha. When I was 14, I saw my first concert: T-Rex. Later it was FrankZappa, Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Fela, Canned Heat, Little Feat, Bonnie Raitt, Earth, Wind and Fire ….
I dreamed to have a chat with each of them 😀 Before interviewing bands, I used to sing (and still do) and met lots of great musicians. I had the chance to be the support band to Joe Cocker in 2007. I love to communicate and meet people (Italian blood).

Working for magazine, a few years ago, l met José Oliveira! We were working at the same festival in Colmar. 2 people from the South with the same passion just recognized each other…and we stayed in contact since then. Here I am! Enjoying concerts, covering interviews and articles with José for Rock at Night!!

GEOFF BAILIE – Rock At Night Belfast

Geoff Bailie lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His interest in rock music began when he was 8 from a combination of deciding he was no good at soccer and being loaned a copy of Queen “Live Killers”. He’s married, has 2 kids, works for a worldwide professional services firm and in his spare time is usually listening to music, playing the guitar or spending time with the family – and sometimes all three at once.

AARON BELLAMY – Rock At Night Tampa Bay

Born in Darby Florida, I’m a son of a Musician, been surrounded by music since birth. I work as an independent videographer and I enjoy long walks on the beach, deep conversation, and holding hands.

JOEL BARRIOS – Rock At Night Miami


Joel Barrios is a Miami based software developer, website designer and photographer originally from Havana Cuba, who also happens to be a music lover. When he first picked up a camera, he found something he always felt was missing in his life – a creative outlet to express himself in ways other than using words. Despite he enjoys many other types of photography, his passion for music has driven him into concert photojournalism. Joel has a great eye for details, capturing the moments you might have missed even if you were at the show, his photographs will make you feel like you were there part of the audience.

His shots have graced many Rock at Night articles, as part of his press and photo coverage for music events throughout the US and big music festivals like Cruise to the Edge 2015, RosFest 2016, Morsefest 2016 and Progpower 2016 to name a few. His work has been also featured in the prestigious UK magazine Prog.

LISA CLAIRE BOWER – Rock At Night Orlando


Since I can remember, I have either been in front of or behind a camera. I love the thought of photos and capturing a moment in time. Being able to look at a photo and transport myself to that exact moment and the emotions that it represents is thrilling. I can only hope as others look at the photos I take brings them that same thrill that I feel while taking them.

DANIELLE CAULEY – Rock At Night Detroit


Danielle is from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. She has been perusing a career in photography since summer 2015. She hopes to one day travel the world with musicians, captures their moments and memories

AMANDA CUNNINGHAM – Rock At Night London

Alice Cooper and Rock At Night's Amanda Cunningham

Alice Cooper and Rock At Night’s Amanda Cunningham

JOHN CLAY-Rock At At Night London

John Clay

I’m a promoter of underground bands based in London and sometimes, further afield. I film live music and when the mood takes me, I shoot official music videos for free.

COURTNEY DABB – Rock At Night Sydney


My entry into the photography world is purely an extension of my love affair with music.

My entry into the photography world is purely an extension of my love affair with music. The first event I ever attended was the Big Day Out festival in 1992 as a 13 year old, catching the likes of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop and local legends Tumbleweed. I caught the bug and just loved the indie scene. Some 20 years and countless gigs later I wanted to go from behind the barrier to behind the camera.

Photographic residencies Include:The Manning Bar, Max Watts house Of Music and the Roller Den. Each venue sees a huge variety of local and international artists come through the doors making each shoot a unique challenge.

DIO DAWES–Rock At Night Brasilia, Brazil

“Dio Dawes, born in Rio de Janeiro, 34, digs music and everything about it. Disguises himself as a Digital Designer from 9 to 5 but when the bars and pubs open their doors the truth comes out. Avid traveler, average guitar player, terrible cook but a great talker. Just don’t try convincing him that Freddie Mercury wasn’t the greatest frontman ever. Just don’t.”

VICKI DiADDEZIO – Rock At Night Orlando


JOSHUA GUILES – Rock At Night Orlando

Growing up in the boot, Josh loved the outdoors. When he became old enough, he made the decision to serve in the United States Navy. While overseas, he participated in both OIF and OEF in support of the war efforts. After returning to the US after 5 years of service, he began college at Full Sail University, where he studied Music Business and Recording Arts. His love for photography started as therapy for anxiety and quickly it grew into a passion, and a way to give back to others. Today, you can find him project managing jobs at Disney & Universal Studios–and after hours, on the other side of his lens at an event near you.

PER OLE HAGEN – Rock At Night Oslo

Per Ole Hagen

I started out playing in a band in high school, and kept on for more than ten years. Educated as a musicologist, but have worked in several music related businesses for more than 30 years. Likes many kinds of music, rock, metal, jazz, singer songwriters, classical, country, Americana, etc., but not EDM

I live in Oslo, Norway and attend a lot of festivals every year, shooting for my own blog and RAN. I started out some 18 years ago, and have had several concert photo exhibitions in Norway, Poland, Switzerland and Litauen.

MARK HORAN – Rock At Night Orlando

My love of live music has taken me to incredible experiences with the top bands of all time in stadium shows to the smallest venues with inspiring musicians of all kinds. Using the medium of photography, these memories will last forever.

Deb Kloeden – Rock At Night Adelaide

Deb KloedenFrom Darkroom to Lightroom in 4 decades. Deb is a Photographer, Music Lover, Ex teacher, and traveller.

Desh Kapur – Rock At Night Manchester



CAREY LANGSNER-Rock At Night Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

careyI am now living in Paris.No no no … the other Paris. Paris, Ontario Canada.

I am the Ontario, Canada correspondent for Rock At Night covering music and summer festivals in pictures and words.

I grew up in the 70’s (gasp!) going to the concerts of some of the best hard rock and punk groups to ever make music.Music seems to have always been involved in my life one way or another.I even met my wife in a bar when I was working with a band and we have been together ever since.Working with Rock at Night feeds my concert and photography addicts.

PETRA LEUSMANN – Rock At Night Germany Correspondent

Petra Leusmann

I’ve always been into rock music and over the years hard, heavy and Metal have been added. Today it’s a wide and wild mix from classic rock over to glam and powermetal from NWOBHM to melodic hard rock and blues.

As I was not very successful becoming a guitarist myself, but always wanted to be closer to the business, I started with rock music photography. I think I found my passion here. When taking photos at rock and Metal gigs I’m definitely enjoying every second.

Being German makes it sometimes hard to write in a language which is not my mother tongue.

But I find it cracking that rock music is an international language and is understood all over the planet.

JEFF MADORE- Rock At Night Orlando

Originally from Danbury, CT now resides in Winter Garden Florida. Played drums in rock and metal bands for years and have combined my passions for music and photography into concert photography. I also enjoy doing portraits and editorial shoots. You can check my most updated photos on


KRIS McCOY- Rock At Night Dallas

Kris McCoy is a Dallas area based high school computer science teacher, song-writer/recorder hobbyist, and long-time prog rock fan. After attending Mike Portnoy’s Progressive Nation at Sea in 2014, Kris was so taken with the experience he published a massive 40-page review website covering the event. This began his love for documenting the progressive festival scene and spreading the word about amazing new music.

MIKE McKENNEY- Rock At Night New England

Mike McKenney

Mike McKenney is an award winningprofessional photographer and current New England Correspondent for Rock At Night magazine.

With his years of experience and passion for Concert Photography, Mike has photographed many of the famous acts in the world today.

Rock Icons such as Sting, Peter Gabriel, Dave Matthews, and Fleetwood Mac along with Country artist Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney,and Jason Aldean have all appeared before Mike’s camera.

“My goal is always to present the Artists truthfully so fans can feel the energy and emotions they convey. It’s a tremendous honor and responsibility to be allowed to create art while blending my two passions, music and photography”

Mike was most recently selected to photograph Steven Tyler on his ‘Out on a Limb” tour.

BRENT MICHAEL- Rock At Night Tampa Bay

Brent Michael

Brent Michael circa 1983

When not in custody, I’ve been involved with music, photography, and writing my entire life. Ever since I was a young boy and played those silver tunes, I’ve had the beat, but being a drummer didn’t suit me so I became a lead singer, which lasted a few years. Settling down, sort of, I translated my knowledge of audio and glib tongue into mobile emcee work, and my training as a photographer and videographer into a living in the wedding, party, bar/bat mitzvah, and entertainment industry. During this time I also managed to bamboozle my way into a master’s degree in writing, worked for a couple of magazines (yes, I took photos for a nudist magazine!), have photographed hotels, done commercial work (shot the cover of Tablet and Capsule magazine), published a few articles, hosted some public access shows (a couple times in drag, but that’s another story), and generally made a nuisance of myself until I landed here.

STEVEN NEFF – Rock At Night Melbourne/Orlando


Steve is a Brevard County, Florida based concert photographer who loves the experience of live shows and tries to bring that experience back to fans through the great medium known as Rock At Night.

Whether it’s a one concert event or extended on the road tour coverage with music’s best bands, Steve covers the exciting energy of “the moment” and paints it across a blank canvas that he hopes music connoisseurs will enjoy.

Steve’s music of taste ranges from the symphonic awesomeness of bands like Within Temptation and Nightwish to the rock heavyweights of the 80’s and back to the beat of Armin van Buuren, with a little jazz and blues mixed in for some variety.

One of his favorite mottos: “Life is too short to drink grocery store coffee.”

Steve Neff….You left this Earth too soon, my friend (January 3, 2018).  See you at the other side….

CHRIS PATMORE – Rock At Night London

Chris Patmore

I do lots of things, some better than others, and one of them is taking photos of bands. Contrary to popular belief, I will work for money.

ANDRAS PAUL – Rock At Night London

Andras Paul came from a traditional art background back in Hungary. He studied drawing, painting and animation and later began his interest in photography using and old Zenit film camera.

Concert photography started out as a hobby but when he began feeling discouraged with his creative projects, grabbing a camera and approaching a gig was the only thing which made him completely relaxed and confident.

Andras approaches photography as a kind of meditation. While attending a gig he is able to lock out all the disturbing noises of the world, making himself completely relaxed, and escape into another world. Has no favorite band however favors listening to AC/DC nowadays.

Andras loves photography and Is open to any kind of gig with decent music– let it be a big concert or the smallest darkest pub on earth

José  Oliveira – Rock At Night France, Germany, and Portugal

Jose and Frank Zappa

I was born in Portugal and lived the Sixties exploring the great UK Rock magazines: “The New Musical Express” and “Melody Maker”. Ray Charles and Pat Boone were my father’s fav. I became “The Great Pretender”. Cliff Richard was our Elvis Presley. As a beach boy, with my first guitar, I met a beautiful French girl on the beach! It was the Summer of 69!! We got married and rock music was our dowry. In France, I became a Wine Genetic Research Scientist. One of my works contributed to the decoding of the genome of the vine! As a rock journalist, I’ve worked twenty years for the Portuguese and Brazilian Rock Press. I ‘ve interviewed so many great artists. Then, one day I met FRANK ZAPPA! I got into trouble for introducing my wife to “Uncle Meat”!

“Jake Rage” – Rock At Night Orlando

Jake Rage was born in the North East but has called both NYC and L.A home during his life time. He studied guitar as a child and was always self driven to be creative. He studied art and photography in high school and was always traveling somewhere with a camera in his hands. His work resume runs from working in a locked psychiatric ward,to producing national television commercials. There was a lapse in creativity for the last few years until he once again decided to pick up a digital camera, and the rest is history. Combining my love for music and photography has been a rewarding surprise.

HAINTSO RAKOUTH – Rock At Night Detroit


I grew loving music since I was a baby and fell in love with concert photography when I moved for college. I didn’t take it seriously till I attended my first West Coast music festival.I enjoy being able to do two things together–listening to music and taking photos of some of my favorite musicians. I enjoy a variety of music, but I love shooting metal shows the most. Favorite band of all time?Either Black Sabbath or A Tribe Called Quest

ANDREA RAMIREZ-MACIOLEK – Rock At Night Philadelphia


I’m a photojournalist who is passionate about music. I love the adrenaline of shooting live concerts.Photography has giving me the opportunity to photograph some of today’s most legendary bands, and entertainers. When I’m not photographing music you can find me on the runway shooting New York and Philadelphia Fashion Week.

Favorite quote: “Photography is a love affair with life.” — Burk Uzzle

RAVEN – Rock At Night Columnist


I’m Ravyn, Musicologist and maker of peace. I love Music and writing about all the Great Artist that are out there, A HUGE Thank You and Much Respect to Chyrisse for giving me the opportunity to write for a Great online Music Magazine that is ROCK AT NIGHT.

GAIL REYNOLDS – Rock At Night Columnist

Gail and Jake

I love music and I love to write, so Rock at Night is a perfect forum for me.I appreciate all genres from classical to country and am astounded by the number of extraordinarily talented but under-recognizedmusical artists. So my articles often feature such “well known unknown” musicians and composers.

Before email,I would include a record review along with my holiday greetings as an alternative to annual reports of personal achievements and acquisitions.Among these, I wrote of Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man in 1988 and Bruce Cockburn’s Nothing But A Burning Light in 1991, urging my friends and family to listen to these masterpieces.

Now I can continue to express my enthusiasm for various musical artists to a wider audience.

GUS SAMARCO – Rock At Night Raleigh


Gus was Born and raised in Brasilia, Brazil but have been living in Raleigh, NC since 2000.

Headshot Photographer under Peter Hurley, Gus started shooting concerts in mid 2014 and felt in love with it and hasn’t stopped since.

Gus is a very active fiction book reader and when he’s not working, taking pictures or sleeping, Gus loves riding his Mountain Bike and can also be found shooting (guns and cameras) USPS and 3Gun matches.

His favorite bands are Metallica, Pearl Jam, Whitesnake, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Pantera, RATM, Beastie Boys and it goes from there. Gus also enjoy listening to EDM, Jazz, Classic and pretty much anything that has good music quality, not to mention his favorite Local Band, Jack the Radio

MELANIE SCRAFTON – Rock At Night Perth



This sentence gets banded around by both performers & consumers for as long as I can remember.

But what does that actually mean?

I can only speak for myself, so I will attempt to describe what that means to me. Music can change my headspace from negative to positive within minutes, it can improve my attitude, it stimulates and inspires me, it provides a sound track to important life events and memories, it unites me with like minded souls and saves me from despair when I am challenged by life circumstances. Music gives me hope.
To show my appreciation I work to promote the work of many creative artists, I buy their material, I purchase tickets to see them perform and I spend my money of their merchandise. By supporting and contributing to the international music industry, I play my part in securing its future.
You are welcome!

SIMON SHOULDERS – Rock At Night London

Simon is a geologist by day, but by night he is a music lover and passable music photographer (who’s learning more about photography all the time!). Going to gigs and exploring the nooks and crannies of London’s weird and wonderful music scene ensures that Simon leaves the office at a sensible time and has something other than rocks to talk about…

RICK SLAGTER – Rock At Night Groningen, The Netherlands


Photographer (concerts, documentary), musician (rock, blues), writer (fiction), straight edger (sober in any sense), dwells underground (alt scene).

Living in the North of The Netherlands, the independent creative area of the country (hotspots are Groningen and Leeuwarden).

ANITA STEWART – Rock At Night Tampa Bay

Kimberly Freeman, "Junior" Sewell and Anita Stewart

Kimberly Freeman, “Junior” Sewell and Anita Stewart

Grew up in a rock and roll radio station that her father owned and has a musical family. Spent a few years singing back up. Now sings in the shower! Plays ukulele and hand drums. Loves Alternative to Zydeco. Promotes bands and independent artists through ANITA STEWART PROMOTIONS.Female musicians through YES SHE ROCKS. Writes, fights for a green environment, pure water, clean food. Preparing for retirement. Knits, paints and explores in nature with her camera!

STEPHEN TRUTWIN – Rock At Night Adelaide

I began listening to music when I was quite young, watching talent shows on tv. When I was 16 I bought my first album(with my own money!), Status Quo’s 12 Gold Bars. At the time I was mostly interested in Australian rock and blues, but my tastes have developed since then and now I listen to world music, jazz and some classical, but still have a soft spot for heavier rock.

I picked up an old film camera of my Dad’s in my uni days and started playing-around and trying to be creative. Photography became a permanent hobby and over the years I have dabbled in wedding photography, art-nude, portraiture, stage and music, travel and landscape photography. The highlight of each year is shooting the Womadelaide festival.


CHRISTI VEST – Rock At Night Houston


Ex-Singer, Ex-Corporate Whore turned full-time mommy and part time portrait/concert photographer – Hoping to become full time photographer by the time my son starts school in two years. I never thought anything could be more exciting and more of an adrenaline rush than when I was onstage singing….Until I shot my first band.


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I grew up in a household full of rock music, studied journalism in college, and then became a scientist.Although my science career has served me well, music has always played a major role in my life. I grew up reading "Creem" magazine; I play several musical instruments as a "hobby";and it seems a camera has always been in my hand. Now, I am combining what I love the most--music and photography--serving as editor of Rock At Night. I travel between the US and UK seeking my dream! My motto: life is regrets. Chyrisse
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