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Chatting with performer, teacher, and healer Stuart Fuchs

Stu Fuchs discusses his musical background and involvement in music therapy, how he embraces the original meaning of the word amateur, and later performs a demonstration of the primal sounds of the didgeridoo.

Stu Fuchs

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By Gail Reynolds, Tampa Correspondent

_DSC0050-1For every personal musical preference, chances are that Stuart Fuchs plays a genre or style that will appeal to a particular taste: classical, folk, rock, Latin, or gypsy jazz.  His range also extends to the instruments he plays.

Rock At Night recently had the opportunity to chat with Stu–performer, teacher, healer. In this audio interview he tells about his musical background and how he embraces the original meaning of amateur, one who loves a particular activity. He talks of his involvement in music therapy and demonstrates the primal sounds of the didgeridoo.

Regarding the ukulele retreat at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, which will apply the practice of yoga and meditation to the ukulele:

Experience in yoga is not required. You do not have to fold your body like a pretzel. Yoga simply means to yoke or unite; that is, to connect with yourself.

Check Stu’s website for his concert and workshop schedule as well as videos:

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Stukulele Tutorial John Lennon’s “Imagine”

Stu Ukulele Jazz Medley

  Bach Prelude for Cello on Ukulele



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